Typhoon Match Kit

SKU: 19169340481


Be equipped for any forecast. This match kit is ready for any adventure. Its heavy-duty construction and sealed strike pad keep the 15 (included) Typhoon Matches protected and in one place, so you can light your fire in even the most severe conditions. Comes packaged in a window box.

Item includes 1 Match Kit, 15 Typhoon Matches & 3 Strike Pads

Lid and storage chamber; Water-resistant storage / o-ring seals
Integrated water-resistant strike pad cap; Rugged ABS plastic construction
Ergonomic design w/ textured grip; Molded lanyard hole
4" long; Burns up to 30 seconds
Windproof and water-resistant coating
Quick lighting, hot and intense flame

Stores and protects 15 Typhoon Matches
Floats in water & keeps matches dry
Keeps strike pad protected & dry to ensure reliable match ignition
Reusable, durable & lightweight for long-lasting use
Easy one-hand use & provides a sturdy grip
Provides attachment point for use in pocket, go-bag, or on-pack
Provides extra pads for long-lasting use and match refills
Plenty of time to get a fire started
Matches can survive being submerged in water or rain
Ensures fire can be started in the most severe conditions

Zippo Typhoon Match Kit Specs
Height: 4.8″
Width: 1.9″
Depth: 2.1″
Weight: 0.25 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year

Model  Number: 40481